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Dr. Alex’s Tip Of The Week

The sound that you hear during an adjustment is simply gas leaving the joint. Not all joints will accumulate gas in the fixation process. TRT and activator are low velocity adjustments meaning they do not produce a sound while being adjusted. Manual adjustments are high velocity, meaning more force is applied to the spine, often creating a “cracking” sound that you hear. There are multiple effective ways to adjust the spine and all are an effective way to create a change in the nervous system!

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March Patient Of The Month! ✨

At age 22, I had severe back pain and an MRI showed that I had 3 herniated discs in my lumbar spine. The doctors immediately recommended surgery, but we chose physical therapy and chiropractic care instead. After years of care, I am so thankful that I decided to never have surgery. They’ve helped me to maintain my physical health , helped in minor sports & workout injuries, as well as helped me in infertility. Thank you CFC for all the adjustments, prayers, and smiling faces!

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How to hold your phone

Hey you! Yes, you! 🤳
STOP melting on the chair while using your phone and looking down.

Instead… do this!
– Sit up straight
– Bring your arms up to the level of your eyes
– If your arms are tired, support one arm with the other under the elbow
– For kids, allow them to sit with legs bent and bring their arms to the top of their knees

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Dr. Alex’s Tip Of The Week: Sleeping Positions 😴

If you sleep on your back- be sure to have a pillow underneath your knees to rotate your pelvis backwards, decompressing your spine.
If you sleep on your side- have a pillow in between your legs so that your pelvis is stacked and not twisted.
If you sleep on your stomach (least recommended way) sleep with your feet hanging off the bed, untucked.

Preferably sleep with one pillow and not multiple. Avoid using electronics at least an hour before bed and put devices on airplane mode.

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Now Accepting CareCredit for Financing your Chiropractic Services

Flexible Financing with CareCredit
The CareCredit health, wellness, and personal care credit card gives you a convenient, flexible way to pay for care for the whole family—including pets! With everyday promotional financing for purchases of $200 or more, you can pay over time with convenient monthly payments. *

See if you prequalify with no impact to your credit score.

*Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. See https://cfchiropractic.com/care-credit for details.

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Coronavirus Update

With the ever-changing day to day Coronavirus. CFC is doing our part to help by following guidelines to keep you safe and healthy. The kids

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Why this back pain?

I never intended for my first blog post ever to be related to the super obvious “back pain” but why don’t we go ahead and

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