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Chiropractic and Children, A Cure for ADHD?

As a mother I am always learning about anything that can benefit my own chldren as well as my patients. I recently found that learning disorders in children have gone from hardly ever heard of to where now we see tragically epidemic proportions in one generation. In the Unites States it is estimated that 5% of our children have ADHD. That number bears out here in Covington, GA as well.


So, this got me to thinking, what causes neurological disorders? Some experts claim that vaccinations are a leading cause(1). In addition to vaccinations, I realized that other stressors which can be linked to this epidemic are head trauma, birth trauma, burns, accidents, and falls. That is why I determined that I will be the most experienced chiropractor in Newton County specializing in children of any age!


I also learned that pharmaceuticals are sometimes used to treat these disorders. But did you know that these drugs can cause serious side effects, such as behavioral disorders, psychosis, permanent neurological tics, and drug abuse?


I know lots of parents who are concerned with treating these disorders with drugs and they want to know if there are drug free treatments. The good news is, yes, there is! Chiropractic treatments can be beneficial in treating all these disorders and others.


I’ve seen studies for years that show that parents and experts have reported positive results from chiropractic care in children who have certain disorders. When researching child chiropractic care I found that Chiropractors have been helping children reach their full potential for well over 100 years. That was really a game changer for me! That’s when I decided to really learn and excel in treating children’s chiropractic needs.


I want you to know that Chiropractic treatment can release stress on the spinal cord, brain, and related nerves and structures and that in turn this can be a benefit to all children and even adults, especially those suffering from neurological disorders and can really help your child feel better and excel in life.


You see, I want you to know that even children without disorders can benefit from chiropractic care. Research shows that school aged children are more able to reach their full potential with chiropractic care. It is my firm belief that all children should pay a visit to a chiropractor. Our children deserve a stress-free and balanced nervous system, right?


I know it is a big decision. I welcome you to call or email any questions you might have about treating your child with chiropractic care. Once you do, I look forward to seeing your child soon. Please contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment for your child’s chiropractic health!


1. Coulter H. Vaccinations, Social Violence and Criminality. Berkley, CA: North Atlantic Books. 1990;xiii


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