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A Chiropractor Can Help With Ear Infections?

Otitis media, also known as an ear infection, affects 10 million children per year, and accounts for the number one reason children visit a pediatrician. Almost 50% of children will suffer with an ear infection before their first birthday and over 65% will have had at least one infection before the age of three.

The normal symptoms of otitis media include, ear pain, fever, cough, and fussiness, and most of the time, the infection originates from another problem such as a cold or flu. Unfortunately, this becomes a more chronic problem in many cases. When this happens, the child is prescribed round after round of antibiotics which will weaken the immune system, making the child more vulnerable to other more serious infections and complications while also causing damage to the liver. However, most of the time, the infection is not caused by a bacteria, but a virus, now rendering the antibiotics completely useless against the infection.

The most common allopathic approach to a chronic problem with ear infections, is a myringotomy or a tympanostomy, aka ear tubes. This is the second most common surgical procedure done in children under age 2. This surgery does require general anesthesia, which is never a minor thing in a small child. Although this procedure can be effective in some cases, it does have to be repeated in 30% of cases.

Now before you start wondering then what you are supposed to do the next time your child gets an ear infection, fear no more because I have the solution! I promise you friend there is a much safer and more effective way to treat and prevent another ear infections in your child, this is through a chiropractic adjustment. Now I know what you are thinking, “I thought chiropractors only treated back and neck pain.” Well this is true, but relief of low back pain and neck pain are some of the smallest benefits, you’ll ever get from chiropractic care. Chiropractors, when we adjust your spine, effect the nervous system and the nervous system controls every single function in the body. Research has shown that children that receive chiropractic adjustments, in 80% of cases, were effectively treated and free of ear infections.

So, if your child suffers from ear infections, before considering another round of antibiotics or surgery to put tubes in the ears, please consult our office for a free consultation and how chiropractic may be able to help you and your child reach optimal heath through natural chiropractic care.

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