Meet The Team

Kara Sugg Chiropractic Assistant

Kara Sugg

As a former music educator, Kara appreciates that education is a big part of what we do at Covington Family Chiropractic. She came to see Dr. Jamie because she was suffering from migraines and plantar fasciitis. Additionally, her daughter was having shoulder issues. Her mother had been helped significantly with her vertigo and recommended that she see Dr. Jamie. After coming for consistent chiropractic adjustments, the number of migraines she deals with has decreased significantly, but even better than that, her plantar fasciitis is gone! The bonus is that she gets to work at an amazing office where she gets to witness success stories like hers all the time. We get to see our patients begin to function better and to live their best lives. She has had her family under care for the last two years, and they have all noticed a significant benefit from chiropractic care.
Kara was drawn to CFC because of the environment. She had never been to a doctor’s office quite like it. From the Christian music played in the office, to the friendly customer service, and the fact that they knew her by name after her first visit, it was a completely unique experience. She was thrilled when she was able to join the staff in 2018, and they have truly become her family.
When she is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their three kids. Kara is active in the Newton County Community Band and sometimes the Covington/Conyers Choral Guild, church praise team/choir, and her children’s band activities.

Deanna Sims

As a life long resident of Newton County, Deanna was first introduced to the world of Chiropractic after straining her low back. Looking for answers to her back issues and not just a temporary fix, she became a practice member here at Covington Family Chiropractic in 2018. By being under consistent care her back pain is no longer an issue, and her headaches and sinus issues have significantly subsided. She didn’t realize that functioning without her daily headaches since childhood, was even a possibility without medication. She can now be present with her family, and enjoy camping and hiking in the great outdoors.
After witnessing how Chiropractic care has enhanced her and her kids lives, she started her employment with Covington Family Chiropractic in the beginning of 2019. She feels this is where God has led her and is excited to learn more about the benefits of Chiropractic.

Olivia Brock Chiropractic Assistant

Olivia Brock

Chiropractic Assistant

Shelby Nicholson Chiropractic Assistant

Shelby Nicholson

Chiropractic Assistant

Shelby started out as a chiropractic patient in 2018 with lower back pain. In January of 2021, she became pregnant with my first child and received care throughout my pregnancy. Through receiving consistent chiropractic care, it reduced her labor and delivery time as well as helped her baby get in position for delivery. Her daughter has been regularly adjusted since birth and she believes that has helped her stay so healthy. At one year old she looks forward to her adjustments. 

She joined the CFC staff in September of 2022 and has absolutely loved getting to help and educate patients on the benefits of Chiropractic care. She is passionate about seeing pregnant mothers receive care that assists in a healthy pregnancy and birth. She also loves getting to meet all the new babies that come into our office.
Outside of the office, I love to go fishing with my husband of 5 years and our 1 year old baby girl, Saylor Rae.

Katie Stoaks Massage Therapist

Katie Stoaks

Massage Therapist