I am a native of upstate New York, but moved to Georgia in 1998. I graduated from East Coweta High School in 1999 and attended Georgia College and State University, majoring in chemistry with a minor in biology. While in college, I met my wonderful husband, Brook, who was a physical education major. We both graduated from GCSU in 2003 and were married in 2005. We have two beautiful children, Landon, age 6 and Logan Olivia (Lola), age 3.

While in college, I was introduced to the healing power of the nervous system and the amazing potential we all have inside of us. I attended Clemson University after graduation from GCSU and was working toward a Ph.D. in medicinal chemistry when I became more and more confused by our society's concept of health and healthcare. I began wondering why we continued to do more research, prescribe more and more medication and do more surgeries while this nation continued to decline in health. I grew tired of "spinning my wheels" and knew that I wanted to be part of the solution, not just to continue to add to the problem.

I entered the Life University Doctor of Chiropractic program in 2007, in hopes of being able to change the current paradigm of healthcare. I graduated in December 2011 from Life University, with a specialty of pediatrics, pregnancy and family wellness, and am now on a mission to change this community, one family at a time, to reach their best health and potential possible through natural chiropractic care.

As a doctor of chiropractic, I focus primarily on the spine because your spine houses and protects your nervous system and the nervous system is what brings life and healing to every part of the body. In order for us to have perfect health, we need to have a perfectly functioning spine and nervous system. Our nervous system is our lifeline from our brain to every single organ, tissue, and cell in the body, so if there is compromise or damage to the nervous system, our body is not going to heal and function at it's best. So, whatever challenges you may have with your health, whether it's blood pressure challenges, elevated cholesterol, digestion problems, diabetes, acid reflux, ear infections or colic in children, a pregnant mom with a baby in a breech or any favorable position, or any other health challenges, I look to your nervous system for the cause of problem. From there we work to correct the problem, without simply giving drugs or surgery to mask or cover a symptom, but by giving a gentle, safe and effective manual chiropractic adjustment to your spine. I also will help give you a game plan to help you reach your health goals and to make this year your healthiest year ever.

On your very first visit, we sit down together and go through a very detailed health history which includes a detailed discussion of some traumas you may have had in your life that have affected your spine and nervous system and also what your goals are for your health this year. I also do a very comprehensive spinal exam which would include any necessary x-rays of your spine. On your next visit, we sit down together, one on one and discuss your X-rays, talk about the results of your exam and talk about a game plan to make this your healthiest year ever.  Today is the day to take control of your health! I look forward to serving you and helping you grow in your health!

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